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pressing for peace in syria u.k. prime minister david cameron meets president putin of some remote a transitional government in the war torn country. general election campaigning wraps up in pakistan ahead of the democratic voters already being dubbed one of the deadliest in this country's history. of this world technical problems the crew of the international space station prepare for a space walk to deal with a leaky cooling system. just after eleven pm here this is our t. now our top story u.k. prime minister david cameron and russian president vladimir putin have met to
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thrash out a path to peace in war torn syria trying to bridge the differences on the issues. he's been following the talks at the black sea resort city of sochi. literally seventy two hours after the u.s. state secretary john kerry met the russian president and the russian foreign minister in moscow david cameron the british prime minister came over to the city of sochi the whole city of the twenty fourteen winter olympics that's where the russian president will be meeting most of his international callie's over the coming months and the biggest intrigue of this meeting here in sochi was whether david cameron would sing to the same to you as john kerry did in moscow now after months of harsh criticism coming from russia towards the west for taking one side in the syrian conflict that is the side of the syrian rebels even pushing for arming the syrian rebels and providing them with military training and even possibly intervening into the conflict by force now experts have said that after the meeting and most call the stances of the both sides have somewhat softened the
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result of the meeting in moscow was the international conference to be called on by the end of this month which will see hopefully see both the members of the syrian opposition and the syrian government at the same negotiation table to in an attempt to find a peaceful solution to the conflict and we heard here in sochi from david cameron who said that while u.k. acknowledges the fact that this is the syrian people who must choose their new government that's why he is strongly supportive of the international conference by the end of this month secret that we have had differing views on how best to handle the situation but we share fundamental aims to end the conflict to stop syria fragmenting to let the syrian people choose who governs them and to prevent the growth of violent extremism so i strongly support the conference that mr lavrov for mr kerry agreed this week to deliver a political solution a solution which has
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a transitional government based on the consent of the syrian people as a whole so the latest events of the last three days of talks between washington moscow and london have. clearly given a sign that there may be things to come there might be some interesting things to come in terms of the syrian conflict and it's interesting to see whether this international meeting by the end of this month can actually do something to resolve the crisis in peaceful way but definitely the fact that the rhetoric has been softening is a major breakthrough on the syrian conflict on the stances about the syrian conflict from the major international players moscow london and washington have agreed to hold an international meeting on the syrian conflict bringing the warring sides to negotiating table to different matter also john white who's been extensively covering the she explains. it be hard to consider that city people can be happy with their government talking to these people we know many of them are voting for a political horse
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a border from jordan and turkey and iraq so it be very difficult to see how about which with the syrian people given the nature of the struggle in the ground we know the syrian national army enjoying some significant success in the last few weeks in thinking back. to the country and i think this is did you think actually in washington london which is trying to become a bit to fly. it into the conflict is not we the able to destroy the. weakening of the axis of resistance in the region comprising city of hezbollah up and iran and selling not working and not only because politically of russia's political opposition to western military intervention but let's be clear the west is already intervening militarily through the gulf states said to quit talking. in jordan funneling weapons funneling money to the rebels but even so
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the city national army is managing to me he control who they are of significant parts of the country and managing to enjoy some successes on the ground there is no doubt that despite the propaganda campaign the waged against this out he still enjoys significant support within syria itself and that is key. to britain russia's efforts to work together to stop the violence in syria being complicated are some toxic allegations london remains insistent that the syrian government's very likely used chemical weapons while suggesting the rebels didn't despite a recent u.n. probe revealing evidence indicating opposition forces could have used the nerve gas and with the u.k. pushing to lift an arms embargo on syria the talks already faces many potential stumbling blocks as first reports. well the prime minister said to m.p.'s in the house of commons recently that there's a growing body of limited but persuasive evidence that the syrian regime has used and continues to use chemical weapons now the u.n. war crimes investigators have said that as yet they've reached new conclusions as
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to whether either side has indeed has chemical weapons now the one day talk is taking place at a time when there is a growing calls for some form of diplomatic progress to be made in place sites again to be very much focused on not the prime minister's spokesman saying the u.k. considers russia an important player when it comes to these discussions despite this day russian the u.k. has certainly had a fractious past when it comes to the topic of syria i would urge the russians in the russian government even at this late stage to look very carefully at why it keeps doing what it's looking to do in syria. the longer this goes on the stronger the case becomes for lifting the arms embargoes on the national coalition on the syrian opposition if we're left with no other alternative to that talks all say coming at a time when the u.k. for being seen to take a step further and bring an end to the e.u.
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arms embargo that would then allow the supply of weapons to the forces a face to the syrian regime a lot of concern from some here in the country and indeed internationally as to who exactly would close to cheat the legitimate opposition given that there's say much concern surrounding the other elements inside the country that are also confusing the extremely fractured picture that we think playing out as the syrian conflict continues nonetheless the two sides are going to be pushing ahead with these talks whether or not they'll be able to put that fractious past behind them in country something cremated remains to be seeing but the u.k. prime minister's restated his commitment to trying to find some form of diplomatic progress moving forward well actually campaigning in pakistan maybe don't just deadly bomb blast the striking terror across the rest of region on the eve of the parliamentary vote a motorbike stuff with explosives detonated near political party offices in the
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country's north has killed at least four wounded many others it's the latest in a string of terrorist attacks ahead of the vote which marks pakistan's first democratic transition here's a brief insight than into the top positions on the ballot lists no one of the front runners is the ruling socialist orientated pakistan people's party that was founded and so far led by the powerful bhutto family or they're expected to be whatever but the pakistan muslim league headed by two time former prime minister now is shareef he's looking to score points by turning his back on washington and his war on terror in the region the dark course of the race there also personally and to us card is cricket legend turned politician an anti drone activist imran car because he's in the hospital at the moment for a terrible fall couple of days ago the p.t.o. he supported by pakistan's military to our correspondent catherine off went to pakistan to see how the country has been approaching the landmark election. week after week these are the images the world has seen coming out of pakistan victims of a brutal wave of violence bomb blasts rippling across the country this is supposed
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to be a time of triumph for a country that's gearing up for its first ever democratic transition from one elected government to another but recent bomb and gun attacks by militants against religious minorities and secular politicians have called the country's stability into question and sown fear among pakistani voters. everyone is scared of bombs and nobody feels safe so very few people go and vote because they're scared and go to who will be the winner. the pakistani taliban has vowed to target the country secular parties and they've made good on that threat the national party or the a and p. has borne the brunt of the attacks forced to campaign in the shadows. we can't campaign we can't arrange meetings all parties are doing rallies with millions of people which we can only do them with two hundred men and even when we do that terrorists still target us but islam is parties have been targeted to this is the
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aftermath of an attack against a political party seen as being sympathetic to the taliban but the latter have condemned to democracy as a whole meaning any political party taking part in the elections could be considered fair game by the militant group more than six hundred thousand security personnel including fifty thousand soldiers have been deployed during the election to guard against attacks but that's not exactly a comforting sight for a country that's been ruled by the military for almost half its life as an independent state the violence isn't just political in a country where the majority faith is islam religious minorities have accused the mainstream political parties of not doing enough to protect them against attacks that could hurt the ruling party in the polls. that people's party iron. parties. security. questions for them of these but the issues that may shape the outcome of the vote
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are more clear cut pakistan's economy has been battered by three years of successive floods which severely damaged agricultural heartlands power cuts are endemic with some rural areas getting only four hours of electricity per day clean water and food education and health care remain out of reach for many pakistanis crime and unemployment are huge issues in the cities all the main parties have vowed to tackle these bread and butter issues but few have outlined exactly how leaving voters skeptical start it's election time politicians make promises to get votes get the seats and then they forget everything about nearly five thousand candidates are running for pakistan's lower house of parliament and more than ten thousand hopefuls are angling for seats in pakistan for provincial assemblies when it comes to the job of prime minister polls indicate that it's a showdown between former cricket legend imran khan and former prime minister nawaz sharif the latter seems to be heading to victory but khan has written a wave of popularity among younger voters with its promise to clamp down on
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corruption it's a tight race that's been overshadowed by violence a landmark election that is proven so far to be the bloodiest in the country's history the attacks are a stark reminder that politics in pakistan is a dangerous game and that democracy can be deadly music out front of our t.v. islamabad pakistan. right earlier spoke to international security sources for tricia degeneres she thinks the people of pakistan are so fed up with conditions in the country they'll head to the polls despite the ongoing violence placings are very tough there you know we saw the same thing in afghanistan with the taliban threatening and you know as for saying they're very very serious about these threats and that it's difficult for people that don't have a lot. maneuverability around with so many threats going on of around that affair goes a long way particularly when you don't know when it's going to happen and you're
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looking around at every corner. but you know people who really take risks to get out there and and exercise their right and their voice are becoming victims from an ex turn of power and they're becoming victims by their own internal struggles so yeah people become very very tired you know remember when you're so traumatized and and you become absolutely exhausted with this continuous type of reflection in your reality it's sometimes it's hard to to be so courageous knows should refuse parties expected to lead in the polls is a pledge to end. the country's cooperation in america's war on terror how is that going to affect the war on terror as far as pakistan is concerned the war on terror well i think we know as as the u.s. need to start rethinking our own strategy on our war on terror maybe this is a good time for us to decide to pull back a bit on how freely were using drone strikes and continuing to do that in the area
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. you know pockets on individuals need to take firm control of their own future and you know they seem to you know the feedback that you get from most individuals there is that they're suffering from this war on terror so i think you know former prime minister in the future how mr sharif will get quite a bit of support for pulling back from the americans in this case and as we've heard of course is american drugs drugs drugs that are a major issue in the country's election campaign a huge hurdle in relations there as well between pakistan and america they've been declared illegal as we've been saying as well but pakistani cool now according to washington they used to wipe out al qaeda and taliban fighters but pakistan blames them for schools and civilian deaths nothing new here but the trouble over. continues it's the subject of our web poll out today dot com let's take a look when you think about it all right u.s. drone strikes in pakistan that's the subject and this is what you think just sent
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in the last couple of hours the majority of you think using drones war crimes nine percent give mixed results but kill enemies in a minimum cost the minority there think justified by the need to be more precise we're always hearing about these mistakes outweigh seven percent only option for fighting rebels in remote areas still probably a chance to have your say see dot com of course now coming up the international space station some problems of their it sprung a leak apparently omonia pouring from the i assess for the first time either r.t. shaun thomas talks to us about that he's got all the facts and figures on the two decade old space mission after the break also too in the wake of the boston bombing cities in the u.s. push for more surveillance cameras but many question whether big brother equipment will only create the illusion of safety good point.
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pretty free. free. free free free. free. free. free.
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video for your media project a free video artie's dot com. police stations being bombed in the libyan city of benghazi in the u.k. has just announced it said withdrawing non-essential diplomatic staff from the country too with violence in its cross to mark almond international relations for brown the other mark nice to see you tonight in the u.k. has issued a warning to british nationals back in january advising to stay away from benghazi it's now withdrawing its staff why the tensions on the rise now than a scare as opposed to what was happening back in january what's changed well i think this has been a constant level the trouble partly of course what we're seeing is deep divisions among the libyan revolutionaries who britain and other nato countries supported there's a power struggle over who should control the libyan state and put it into controlled
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abuse or written gas resources effectively there's a battle right between austin the birth of a young man who did hietzing and the older people someone who immigrated probably beer in the long years of that or his will some who changed sides would actually quite recently and the real struggle over who should be running a central government and should run in the regional government and whose finger should be in the or the gas. a recent car bomb attack on the french embassy one american ambassador dead militias blocking access to embassies also international community doing to curb this problem these incidents well of course this is a basically a dilemma that they can't really result after all they only in libya helped create a situation where armed groups came to power and certainly have local nomination and there are of course. groups who may have been welcoming nato bombers but aren't quite serious anti western muslim fundamentalist groups who are sending parts also
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to syria so they don't really go up necessarily the continued presence of western embassies the british french or the americans as being wholly something they might see in a liberal to do so they would see libya as also the problem. that perhaps various promises were made to people who later needed when they were hiding and after you feel they've been cheated a bit and this is one of the suspicions about the fate of the american ambassador chris stevens that he had been dealing with the armed groups that he was probably also hoping to facilitate hightest to go to syria and support the syrian rebels and somehow or other he normally start with the wrong group market appears that a lot of the violence is. focused on police stations and on foreigners why is there . well of course insofar as any kind of law and order can be restored you have to have some people who are police so those people who don't like being put under control being told that they just because they were pickup truck with automatic
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machine gun or something can do what they like they are very angry about that and for us to a seen as being the people who pushing particular libyans into positions of power and influence not least in the oil and gas industry remember we're talking about a country whose economy so who will really depend on an export quarter and so this is enormous and to corruption with enormous amount of competition who should get hold of those assets and hold the money inside libya and i'm afraid also outside. hindsight that was great because we recall just two years ago the u.k. lobbied for military intervention in libya now the countries played by violet still say hindsight is great but good decision or not you think i think it was a terrible the decision i'm afraid that if colonel gadhafi had suppressed still position to open speech and lost the two thousand cost of the hundreds of people would have died but perhaps as many as thirty thousand died since and the country is in deep state to disorder uncertainty life for most libyans is worse than it was
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on account of the articles kind of about his regime is supposed by the western countries to be the second bad regime anything must be russia we were told well i'm afraid to say we see that it's not necessarily so clear. mccomb them. now moscow might skies but little bottom azing pyrotechnic show we're talking about on line r.t. dot coms a dazzling victory for display which marked sixty eight years since the defeat of nazi germany moving wartime recollections from the veterans themselves just a click away as well will be in your first row seat to watch a rare kind of solar eclipse if you missed it this time around the mom's expected to visit earth in about twenty years time against after wait we've got it on our website. international space station sprung a leak the six man crew reported to ground control on thursday when white flakes were seen escaping from the structure russian and american experts are meeting to
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troubleshoot what one flight directors call a very serious defect earlier r.t. shaun thomas told my colleague marina just she more about the orbital mission. you know obviously a lot about nasa and the ice has so tell us what's happening there exactly i mean apparently they saw some flakes there but how serious is a problem exactly well thursday may ninth the astronauts were you know reviewing the space station and what do they see they see these white crystal flakes dissipating into the vacuum of space now from the area where they saw this coming from they determined that it was a coolant leak specifically an ammonia type wind in the to be system. system that they have had problems with in the past now it is something that they're looking at it is pretty serious but nasa says that astronauts are not in danger at this time now in order to fix it there's a couple things they can do they can shut the system down they can go to backup systems or redundancies and they can also do a spacewalk but the problem is that it takes to nasa astronauts to do a spacewalk of this specific type right one of the nasa astronauts is leaving on
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tuesday so if they're going to do it they have to do it pretty quick what this system does is it cools the electronics that deal with the big solar arrays which provide power to the space station so if this doesn't get fixed if something goes wrong there could be some serious consequences but in two thousand and six they did notice a problem with this same thing it was fixed in two thousand and eleven they went up with the idea to top it off and then periodically top off this ammonia leak as they needed but then it developed more problems pretty rapidly they did a spacewalk they fix the problem there's no idea now they don't know if this current problem is still part of the same problem or if it's a different problem with the same system. world news in brief rescues a further another survivor among the garment factory rubble the woman survived seventeen days with food or water trucked into the debris were more than a thousand others died becomes a local authorities are forced to carry a d.n.a. test some decaying bodies now still being extracted from the devastating factory building. thousands of gathered in belgrade to protest the handover of serbian
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territory to cost of an authorities it comes as the two governments agree on a brussels brokered treaty to normalize regional relations but also paves the way for say abuse e.u. accession but the dream of the fifty thousand ethnic serbs on the cost of a rule in a region prone to ethnic strife belgrade however remains adamant in its refusal to recognize costco's an independent state. now following the terror attack on the boston marathon cities across the u.s. are looking to blanket the streets as more surveillance cameras both ortiz and olds with proof advocates who are concerned that monitoring every step will create more problems than it solves. or investigate. the video surveillance market in the u.s. has been permanently expanding from war then i here at new york city yes i ask exhibition and conference we are getting an up close look at some of the world's latest cutting edge surveillance technology that is being displayed by many security professionals that technology of course includes spatial recognition high
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risk any high definition for circuit cameras and other software that was once only seen in side by move stuff some would say it's appropriate this that will be taking place in new york city because after all it was the mayor of that recently said he wanted to span the amount of surveillance cameras that were on the city of course comments in the aftermath of the boston terrorist attack and the mayor of new york is just one of many officials who are out agencies that are calling for. valence we spoke with some professionals that are here displaying their surveillance technology they say they have already seen up the. halls and increase and of course that can equate to a peak in sales i hate to say it but our phones have been ringing off the hook since the tragedy and you know it's it's an unfortunate thing but people are starting to think now how they should have been thinking all along you know to be
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able to provide a safe environment you have to think ahead is there going to be more surveillance cameras deployed and the answer to that is yes because lessons learned have shown us that if you have a bench recording. you can go back and find information that might not have been pertinent while you thought you were filming it but all the sudden if an event happens you need all the information in the experts estimated that this industry would reach revenues of more than twenty billion dollars by twenty sixteen but now those numbers are being recalculated to the projected even higher because of the terrorist attacks that took place and boston as government spending on video surveillance is expected to surge tension between law enforcement officials and privacy advocates is also expected to freaks critics say that the american public has been forced to see privacy and civil liberties in the name of national security but the payoff hasn't been big after all america's web of spy cams failed to
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prevent the boston terrorist attacks and even when the f.b.i. finally revealed images of the suspects they needed the public's help to identify according to new york bring up or not our take. next on this channel people of guests talk foreign interests rumors and crossed wires in syria is coming up next. you know i've been asked a few times if i believe in conspiracy theories which is kind of an odd question i mean just in general believe in conspiracy theories like all of them even the ones that contradict each other i mean j.f.k. could have been killed by the mob the cia the k.g.b.
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and various secret societies at the same time or could he have been know what you just declare themselves official conspiracy theories that's silly obviously it isn't good just go around fishing for evil plots to explain every situation the mainstream media sure does lie a lot but i think they're telling the truth about that whole sky being blue thing but on the other hand if you never question what the glowing box in your house tells you that just makes you a sucker the kind of sucker who bought that there were magical mysterious invisible weapons of mass destruction in iraq and you know what in all honesty there's actually been real evil conspiracies that have been exposed like the tuskegee experiment and the fascist coup attempt against president roosevelt in one nine hundred thirty s. over all people think it's pearcey theories are matter of belief but actually they're completely a matter of facts and there's a lot of good evidence to support a conspiracy and good arguments that maybe you should consider it but if someone tells you the president is actually a rip killing for the cosmos yeah you might want to just stay away from that one but that's just my opinion.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle global gun control the u.n. has passed the arms trade treaty to regulate the international conventional weapons business supporters of the treaty claim it is a positive first step to tame an industry because over a half a million people a year opponents are dismissive they say the treaty is not balanced in favor is the interest of all rooms exporting states. across that the arms trade treaty i'm joined by geoffrey ingersoll in new york he is a defense reporter with business insider.


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